Seven Knights II – Netmarble reveals content for G-Star 2017 demo version

Following the recent reveal of Seven Knights II, developer and publisher Netmarble has provided details of the game demo at next week’s G-Star 2017 game convention in Busan, South Korea. Attendees will first get to try out the early part of the Episode mode, which is basically the story campaign. Starting off from 30 years after the original Seven Knights storyline, there will be 4 heroes to choose from and a bonus trailer at the end of the demo.

As for the Raid mode, it was confirmed that it currently holds a maximum of 8 players at real-time. There seems to be 12 different heroes playable in the demo version, 8 more than the Episode mode. Other than the old heroes, players will be treated to a first-look at the new heroes debuting in Seven Knights II as well. During G-Star 2017, a special 8 vs 8 match will be held, along with sales of merchandise and various activities. Stay tuned!