Blade & Soul II – NCsoft reveals new mobile game during annual media event

At the NCsoft media event today, the South Korean developer revealed Blade & Soul II in a short 20-second video. Little is shown about the game, but the press managed to get more details from NCsoft. Blade & Soul II is a mobile game, and it is different from the other in-development mobile title, Blade & Soul M. Blade & Soul M is led by the team which made the PC version of Blade & Soul, while a totally separate team is making Blade & Soul II.

A representative from NCsoft claimed Blade & Soul II is “fully completed”, hence it will launch in 2018. He was not able to give more details as the release schedule is still being planned by the marketing department. Of course, more details and information about Blade & Soul II will be made public in due time. Stay tuned for updates about this mobile title!