FIFA Online 4 – Nexon and EA reveals sequel to popular online sports game

First teased just a couple of days ago, Nexon and Eletronic Arts (EA) today held a media conference to reveal their latest joint project – FIFA Online 4. It was announced the game is built using a “next-generation engine”, although no specific details were provided. Other than better graphics, this engine will allow FIFA Online 4 to feel more realistic in terms of player modeling with motion capture, details of stadium interior, spectators, grass, and weather! The AI functionality of players in the game has also been vastly improved.

Nexon mentioned FIFA Online 4 was developed based on 5 years of feedback from FIFA Online 3, and that players from FIFA Online 3 will be able to enjoy special benefits when the game launches. No further details on these benefits were provided. FIFA Online 4 is scheduled to enter Closed Beta next month in South Korea, with an official launch before the World Cup beings in Russia next year. The game will be present at G-Star 2017 as well.