Nexon – Over 30 games announced at G-Star 2016 preview event

Nexon, Korea’s largest gaming company, today announced a huge lineup of over 30 PC and mobile games set to launch from now until 2017. Some of them will be showcased at G-Star 2016 later this month, although it is unclear how many of them will be getting an overseas launch. The biggest relief should be Peria Chronicles having a demo version at G-Star 2016, though there is no launch schedule.

PC Online Games

1. Hyper Universe

The side-scroll MOBA title recently entered Open Beta (or was it official launch) in South Korea, and brings a unique touch to the MOBA genre. It remains to be seen if the game can sustain the initial hype.

2. Need For Speed Edge

Not a racing game fan myself, but the Need For Speed series apparently has a large following in South Korea. A game developed in cooperation with Electronic Arts (EA).

3. Moonlight Blade

Developed by Tencent Games, one of Nexon’s China partners, Moonlight Blade is one of the most graphically-enhanced martial arts MMORPG ever made. Powered by CryEngine, Nexon is only publishing the game for South Korea.

4. Astellia

Astellia online game with a deep card-summoning element, players summon monsters to fight with them in battles. The game was first announced in 2013, and it is a surprise Nexon decided to pick this game up.

5. LawBreakers

Developed by Boss Key Productions from North America, Nexon is bringing the sci-fi team-based online shooter to South Korea. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, the game did not appeal to me as much during beta, and it did not help Overwatch came along during the same period of time.

6. Peria Chronicles

Developed by Thingsoft, now a subsidiary of Nexon, no beta nor launch schedule was announced, not even an updated trailer. A demo version of the game will participate in G-Star 2016! Attendees who complete the demo version will also receive exclusive goodies. I want to go too!


7. Project Meta

A new self-developed action MMORPG for the PC system, little is known about the game currently. The artwork is pretty dark though.

Mobile Games (not all are mentioned)

1. Gunpie Adventure

Developed by new studio Npie Games and revealed last year, the first gameplay footage of this mobile shooter was finally revealed recently in the trailer below. Game play elements such as live dodging, avoiding obstacles, customizable vehicles, guns, and costumes are in Gunpie Adventure.

2. Tales Runner Revolt

Based on the popular PC running game and developed by Raon Entertainment, Tales Runner Revolt is a mobile adaptation. Controls and gameplay are re-designed for mobile devices, and players can expect most of the PC content to be found in this mobile version.

3. Shin Dynasty Warriors Unleashed

More about this mobile action RPG can be found in this article. Nexon is preparing the game for launch globally as well, unless plans have changed between now and the date the article was posted.

4. Tree of Savior Mobile

Announced just recently, there is no new information for Tree of Savior Mobile.

5. Unknown Heroes

The maiden mobile RPG of Korean studio Insert Coins, Unknown Heroes is being touted by Nexon as having “production that is rarely seen on mobile”. We shall see.

6. Arena Masters

A mobile action RPG developed by Meerkat Games, Arena Masters focuses on the various PVP modes, with PVE taking a backseat in this title.

7. Elsword Slash

Developed by Chinese games company Kunlun based on the popular IP by KOG Games, Elsword Slash has already launched in several Asian regions. As you would have guesses, it is the mobile adaptation of the popular Elsword online game for the PC.

8. Dragon Nest II: Legend

Dragon Nest II: Legend was announced last year, and Nexon was announced as the publisher back this March.

9. Dungeon & Fighter: Spirit

The 3D version of the mobile adaptation of the popular PC action game, Dungeon & Fighter, which is the upcoming global version as well. The 2D version is exclusive for China currently. I tried the game out recently, and you can read about it here.

10. Dark Avenger III

After the first 2 games garnered over 35 million downloads worldwide, the Dark Avenger series continue with its 3rd entry. A mobile action RPG, pretty much similar to HIT, the latest sequel will have an improved simultaneous game system which will sustain live gameplay between many players for modes such as raids and PVP.

11. MapleBlitzX

Officially announced back at the end of July, MapleBlitzX is an attempt by Nexon to expand the popular MapleStory IP by creating different genres of games. More details can be seen in the trailer below.

12. Durango

A unique sandbox and survival mobile game, Durango is somewhat a new genre in the mobile gaming space. Players must fight off dinosaurs, each other, and choose how and where to build their homes and survive the harsh lands. More information can be found in this article.

13. Project Wifun

A third-person mobile shooter (TPS) with players fighting against… zombies, and trying to survive.

14. Project Red

Self-developed by Nexon, Project Red is a multiplayer mobile shooter where combat takes place in a futuristic battlefield.

15. Project Blast

An action RPG focused on co-op gameplay, players must work together and take down giant monsters in a dynamically changing world. Think Monster Hunter.

16. Project DH

An action RPG where mounted players hunt down dragons.

17. Talesweaver Mobile

Based on the popular Talesweaver IP, players will be able to experience the thrill of this classic MMORPG on mobile devices.

Unknown Platforms

1. Project D

A 3D model of Dungeon & Fighter’s Slayer was shown, and nothing else. It is most likely a teaser for Dungeon & Fighter 2.