MU Legend – Open Beta phase begins for players worldwide

[Play free now] After years in development and testing, Webzen today announced the start of the Open Beta phase for MU Legend! This occasion marks the culmination of a one-year-long journey, punctuated by two closed beta tests and one stress test, since preparations began for the release of one of Webzen’s most anticipated games. The Open Beta phase is a “last preparation step”, and players will retain all game data even after official launch.

Webzen has also confirmed the development team is busy working on post-launch content , promising regular updates. A new 3v3-combat feature is scheduled to arrive in the first update before 2017 ends. This feature will offer a dynamic PvP environment, involving strategy and team coordination. Other new content, including territory wars, is slated to arrive soon after. Players who took part in Closed Beta and Stress Test will receive their special titles on 14 November. Gather your friends and raise your fists! MU Legend is here!


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