TERA – Elin Gunner class arriving this month in Miniguns update

[Play free now] En Masse Entertainment today announced the first details for one of their final content updates of the year for their flagship action online game, TERA. The Miniguns update provides a whole new perspective on the explosive gunner class, making it available to elin characters for the first time. In addition to their more down-to-earth perspective (compared to their High Elf and Castanic counterparts), Elin gunners will receive a number of cosmetics unique to this race/class combination. It is going to rain Elins this year end!

Doubling down on their inherent cute-factor while maintaining the gunner class’s signature arcannon weapon, Elin gunners can earn exclusive pink cosmetic items by participating in events to be revealed on November 22 and when the update goes live on November 30. Miniguns features a hard mode for the recently-released RK-9 Kennel dungeon, special events hosted throughout December, a new type of cosmetic item “footsteps”, and more!