MU Archangel – New MU mobile MMORPG disappoints again

After using the same format for their MU Online mobile games over the past few years, including several developed by Chinese partners, we would have thought that MU Archangel will be a new beginning for Webzen. However, it seems that we are wrong, and MU Archangel is yet another trash mobile MMORPG from Chinese developer 37 Games . With all the automated combat and a focus on VIP privileges, simply nothing has changed.

Look, we are not expecting any revolutionary features, but we were expecting Webzen to at least give a mandate to its partners not to copy and paste the same cash-grab formula. In all, MU Archangel offers nothing at all to the genre or the MU franchise, but instead follows up on its past monotonous setup. We did not even get a graphics upgrade, as all these MU mobile games are marketed to capture the “fans of the original MMORPG.” Jesus Christ.