The Outcast Mobile – Quick look at new Chinese mobile action RPG based on popular comic series

If you did not already noticed, the China ACG (anime comics games) industry is getting bigger over the past few years, with Japanese studios outsourcing both artwork and animation over to studios there. The Outcast is a home-grown IP under Tencent, and it is one of the hottest comic/anime series there (Season 3 just ended). Of course a mobile game would be made! Staying true to the source, The Outcast Mobile focuses mostly on side-scroll action combat, with combos and skill chains being key. We took a quick run!

There are 5 schools or classes to begin with, each branching out to a further 2 advance trees rather early in the game. Since we do watch the animated series, some of these are quite familiar names even though the formula has been edited a little to suit the overall game systems. The Outcast Mobile does not actually introduce anything new, but rather brought the world to live as seen in its original source. Moving forward, we feel that a strong IP is going to attract more players rather than trying to innovate new features.