Webzen – Developer announces new mobile MMORPG based on MU Online

Korean developer Webzen today announced a new mobile MMORPG in the works, MU Archangel. As you would have guessed by the title, this is based on the long and storied MU franchise which has seen tons of PC, web, and mobile games made over the years. The team stated that while MU Origin (developed by its China partner) is more about optimizing a PC game for mobile devices, MU Archangel is about making a mobile game which is near a PC game. Webzen also has plans for a multi-platform strategy, such as PC, for this title.

While there are no screenshots yet, Webzen claims that the user interface (UI) and core systems of the original MU Online have been “transferred” to MU Archangel, and the game will be less dependable on gacha mechanics. To reduce the “burden” of farming, there is an offline welfare mode as well. Doesn’t really sound like anything revolutionary though… MU Archangel is scheduled to enter Closed Beta in South Korea next month. Another mobile MMORPG, R2 Mobile (based on the PC game R2 Reign of Revolution) is also being crafted. R2 is dead in the western market, but it is still very popular in Asia, especially South Korea.