Lineage II M – Cinematic trailer revealed for upcoming mobile MMORPG

Given the mega success of Lineage M in South Korea, it is no wonder NCsoft is doubling down on a mobile version for Lineage II as well. Titled Lineage II M, there was no in-game shots at NCsoft’s media event, just a cinematic trailer shown. However, NCsoft did confirm the game is crafted using Unreal Engine 4, with high-end devices such as Samsung Galaxy S8 and the upcoming S9 as targets. The developer mentioned it is not going to optimize Lineage II M for older devices as it will detach from the technical vision of the game.

Lineage II M is also aiming to be a mobile MMORPG with a seamless world (no loading of maps), and the team is currently experimenting with a “one world” concept, meaning all players will be in 1 single channel. The development team is also keen to address some issues found in the PC version of Lineage II, such as balance of parties and having too many classes. But that does not mean NCsoft will abandon the massive class system in Lineage II M. Finally, NCsoft mentioned there will be no clash with Netmarble’s Lineage II: Revolution, as that game reinterpreted the Lineage II IP and not based on the PC version.