Aion Tempest – Mobile MMORPG gets new name with a focus on combat

Originally known as Aion Legions, NCsoft has finally confirmed a final name for this mobile MMORPG, Aion Tempest. As you would have guessed, this mobile game is based on the Aion IP, which can be deemed as a successful PC game during its heydays. Aion Tempest takes place 900 years before the story of the PC version, and will focus on the ancient battle between the Daevas and Balaurs, apparently also known as the Millennium War.

NCsoft claims that there will be small Legion battles in Aion Tempest which will escalate to massive Legion wars, and that these series of battles is not generated by the system, but created by the players through cooperation (allies) and conflicts. These battles will take place in real-time, although no further information was provided. Stay tuned for updates!


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