Skyforge – Sci-fi MMORPG welcomes its 15th playable class next month

[Play free now] Developer Allods Team and global publisher today announced a new update coming next month to their flagship MMORPG, Skyforge. Launching 19 September, The Revenant will be a free update that introduces the fifteenth class for the game. Players can unlock them all and switch instantly between them to match the playstyle they want, whenever the situation calls for it.

Locked away for centuries, these axe-wielding Immortals will again walk the soil of Aelion once more. The Revenant are ancient, mighty warlords, laying waste to their foes with overwhelming force and power. Siphoning the life from their enemies through shadow magic or decimating them with their axes, adversaries will never stand a chance. Who dares stop the might of the rampaging juggernauts?