Dragon Nest II: Legend – New game update arrives for soft-launch phase

Nexon, the global publisher for the mobile action RPG, Dragon Nest II: Legend, recently announced a game update for soft-launch phase in Australia, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands and the Philippines. Developed by Eyedentity Games, Dragon Nest II: Legend returns players to the gorgeous world of the Dragon Nest franchise 500 years before the PC version’s storyline.


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We have played the Korean version earlier this year, and you can go to this article to see the gameplay videos. Dragon Nest II: Legend boasts numerous gameplay features and updates that improves upon the closed-beta’s mechanics, including:

1. Custom Skill Combos – Create custom skill combinations tailored to your Hero’s playstyle. Collect unique and powerful skills to build and string elaborate attacks.

2. Powerful Special Skills – Maximize each skill tree to unlock special bonus skills, and execute attacks with perfect timing to take damage to the next level;

3. Nest Mode Multiplayer – Venture into difficult dungeons to challenge elite players in real-time. The multiplayer Nest Mode requires players to master each dungeon boss’ unique attack patterns to survive. Players must work together, or perish alone;

4. New Gear and Rewards – Earn numerous fresh gear upgrades by leveling-up and clearing difficult event stages.