Dragon Nest II: Legend – Quick look at Closed Beta of action mobile RPG

Developed by Eyedentity Games with Nexon as the publisher in South Korea, Dragon Nest II: Legend entered Closed Beta a couple of days back. As mentioned in previous articles, the game takes place 500 years before the events of the PC version of Dragon Nest, with Gold Dragon Geraint as one of the 3 playable characters. Initially thought as playable, sister and Silver Dragon Argenta is a story NPC.


Dragon Nest II: Legend is dungeon-based, which should be really familiar to Dragon Nest fans. The game feels pretty good right now in terms of controls and familiarity, though the skill system is somewhat new. Players can obtain skill cards from quests or boss drops to upgrade, and each skill slot consists of up to 3 skills chained together. A really convenient feature since there are so many skills!


Players can expect the cash shop to sell costumes, in-game gold, equipment gacha, stamina, and more. The costumes do give a little bonus, but the current selection isn’t impressive. There are also several game modes, such as gold and experience farming battles, though I have yet to unlock any co-op feature, which I am sure there are. Closed Beta only lasts 1 week, so stay tuned for more news!