The King of Fighters World – New game trailers for mobile MMORPG

Developed in China by Ledo Interactive, together with assistance from IP owner SNK, The King of Fighters World was first revealed last month. Since then, 2 new trailers have been made public, with one showcasing actual in-game footage for the first time, and the other interviewing Yasuyuki Oda, Game Director of The King of Fighters XIV and one of the executives overseeing the mobile game.

Yasuyuki Oda mentioned The King of Fighter series is suitable to be made into a MMORPG due to its diverse world views, from Japanese mythology to futuristic technology, and also the cast of over 100 characters. The King of Fighters World will feature a new storyline to fit the MMORPG genre, as well as story scenarios for the fighters. The 3 vs 3 battle system remains in this mobile title.

It was also mentioned there are 4 brand-new characters scheduled to be introduced in The King of Fighters World, with the foundation of the core content and gameplay confirmed. Following some private testings, Yasuyuki Oda hopes to reveal more details this summer, and inviting the Chinese media and fans to try the game out. There are currently no plans to launch overseas.