Skyforge – “Ignition” update arrives with new fiery class and massive dungeon

[Play free now] Long before players rose to defend Aelion, the sci-fi world of the acclaimed action MMO Skyforge, from the threat of invasion, an ancient evil rose to power and changed the game’s world forever. Global publisher MY.GAMES today released “Ignition”, the latest Skyforge expansion which brings shadows from Aelion’s past blazing into its future from the brand-new Firestarter class to a hot new Elder God form, and an endlessly re-playable dungeon bursting with random events and branching paths. Join the fight now!

New Class: Firestarter

Thousands of years ago, a mad Elder God waged a terrible war against the free peoples of Aelion. The fire mage was eventually defeated, but his essence endured, and his powers have been granted to chosen Immortals to create the Firestarter class! This ranged damage dealer is a master of fire magic, and is the eighteenth class to join the Skyforge universe. Players can harness the Firestarter’s power to conjure fireballs, breathe fire, trigger geothermal eruptions, unleash red hot dance moves, summon a cataclysmic hellstorm of meteors, and transform into a Fire Cat to end battles with purrfect finesse!

Elder God Form: Aspect of Magic

Players who become full-fledged Elder Gods can enjoy the Aspect of Magic, a magnificent new form that will be unlocked when high divinity is achieved. With this new power, characters are surrounded by five Ether spheres which can activate special abilities to help with ranged combat. Employ enhanced crowd control abilities, more effective damage dealing against multiple targets, harder-hitting attacks, longer stuns, and even more!

New Dungeon: Heart of the City

Set on the planet Terra, the Heart of the City is a unique dungeon that features exciting randomly generated events and multiple branching paths that can be unlocked with every playthrough. Will players’ adventures lead to an explosive confrontation with the cold-blooded Draconids, a race to stop a deadly biological threat, or an expedition to the wreckage of a spaceship? There’s danger at every corner in these sprawling ancient ruins, but secrets and treasures await dedicated explorers! To access the Heart of the City, players must first complete a series of Draconid quests on Terra. The challenge is on!