Skyforge – Ignition expansion and fiery 18th class announced

[Play free now] Global publisher MY.GAMES is proud to announce the next flaming addition to Skyforge with the reveal of its “Ignition” expansion. The update broadens the world of Aelion with all-new content and lore surrounding the banishment and return of the Elder God Kir. This all-powerful mage, along with his army, the Cult of Flame, plans to rebuild the glory of their cruel empire. The expansion also introduces the Firestarter class, the first class based on fire. The free “Ignition” expansion will erupt in Skyforge this September.

The Firestarters are the 18th class to join the ever-expanding roster of legends available in Skyforge. Descendants of Kir’s fire-worshipping followers, Firestarters are ranged damage dealers with an uncanny control over fire magic. Dark tricksters with a theatrical appeal, they wield chained torches that allow them to unleash swift and agile attacks. They also possess an impressive array of pyromantic spells, ranging from blazing hot fireballs and fire breathing, to the full wrath of cataclysmic hellfire summoned from the sky. Their nimble movements and great range make them an awesome addition to any team of Immortals!