World War 3 – MY.GAMES is starting a new global war later this year

[Game website] Global publisher MY.GAMES and Poland-based developer The Farm 51 today revealed their new publishing and development partnership on the multiplayer military shooter, World War 3. The collaboration gives The Farm 51 resources and expertise to expand the scale of their upcoming title while retaining creative control and vision.

Set amidst a modern global conflict, World War 3 emphasizes teamwork as players wage war in tactical online firefights. Maps are based on real-world locations, and The Farm 51 is also working with military experts to produce an authentic, visceral combat experience featuring ballistics, armor simulation, an arsenal of weapons, and global consequences for players’ battles. The current Early Access version of World War 3 will soon be made unavailable to purchase from Steam until new release details are revealed later this year.

Players who have purchased World War 3 will be able to continue playing with veteran status and valuable in-game cosmetics being rewarded to Early Access players upon the game’s release. The Farm 51 is still actively developing World War 3 and implementing player feedback during its early access period, while also preparing the game for release.

New features coming to World War 3 throughout 2020 include a new Asian theatre of war, an enhanced movement system, streamlined updates to existing maps, brand-new UI and HUDs, player progression systems, further weapon customization, and expansive tutorials to help new players. The team at The Farm 51 is also committed to developing more game modes – including a mode chosen by the community – alongside new maps, streaks, weapons, cosmetics, and a greater range of character voice-overs and language options.