Epic Seven – Details of Smilegate investment in developer Super Creative revealed

Back in February 2019, we first reported that South Korean gaming giant Smilegate obtained a 64% stake in local studio Super Creative, the developer of current global hit mobile game Epic Seven. Recently, more details about the deal were revealed in an audit report of Smilegate Holdings. The 64% stake was reportedly worth around USD 98 million signed between both parties on 3 April 2019. Super Creative definitely benefited from it!

This massive agreement also included the Japan and global publishing rights for Epic Seven by Smilegate. There was also an optional deal added for the remaining 36% stake, with Smilegate able to purchase 12% annually starting from 24 April 2019. The price will be based on 7 times the annual net profit of Super Creative if Smilegate takes the option. There are also several contractual terms for the executives of Super Creative for stock options buyback based on performances. No matter the case, Epic Seven is in good hands!