Portal Knights – New MMO version of popular RPG now in development

Global game publisher 505 Games, a subsidiary of Digital Bros, recently revealed in partnership with top Chinese gaming company Duoyi Network the development of a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game set in the hugely popular Portal Knights universe. Currently in development by Duoyi Network, with key support from 505 Games, the upcoming game will share core features of the original Portal Knights premium game, including sandbox, construction and role-playing elements, while introducing MMO mechanics and embracing a freemium monetization model. Platforms were not revealed.

Note: There is currently no screenshots nor trailers for the announced MMO version. A demo version of the game will be showcased at ChinaJoy 2019 this weekend.

Players will have the ability to enjoy and explore the sandbox world of Portal Knights on a larger scale than ever before, while experiencing new gameplay including navigating self-created maps, joining guilds, teaming up to challenge other cities and more. The upcoming MMO extension of the Portal Knights universe will be published by Duoyi Network in Greater China, and by 505 Games in the rest of the world. The Chinese version of Portal Knights has so far sold over one million copies in Greater China across mobile and PC platforms.