Forsaken World – Preview of upcoming mobile remake of popular PC MMORPG

If you did not know, Forsaken World was a pretty successful and popular PC MMORPG back in the days under Perfect World Entertainment. It was one of the few large-scale titles to come out from the makers of Perfect World Online. A mobile version, unsurprisingly titled Forsaken World Mobile, launched in July 2015 before the explosion of the mobile MMORPG genre. It lasted 3 years and closed in 2018. Feeling there is more potential in the Forsaken World IP, a new mobile MMORPG simply named Forsaken World was announced this April.

Perfect World brought a demo version of Forsaken World to ChinaJoy 2019, but just a couple of major local gaming websites covered it other than the blogger above. I wonder what happened to Perfect World’s PR staff… From what I have read so far, Forsaken World is actually a remake of the original PC version rather than being a sequel or prequel, where the towns and factions are similarly named. Seemingly a trend now, Perfect World has put in tons of effort improving the game’s technical design, graphics and adding more features.

An interesting new area teased is an underground realm said to be “300 levels” below the earth’s surface where no source of light reaches, spawning a variety of horrible creatures and races. Without much guessing, it could be seen that the architectural and organism designs here are based on the elements of hell, death, and the undead. That is all for all the latest game details available. I am sure that this new mobile version of Forsaken World will launch overseas and for the western market, so stay tuned for the latest information!