Skyforge – Rock & Metal expansion goes live with new dungeon and Elder God form

[Play free now] Global publisher MY.GAMES today announced that the electrifying new expansion for its acclaimed action MMO Skyforge, “Rock and Metal” is now live for PC (with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One coming later this week)! Players must take up arms against the deadly reptilian Draconids of Terra in an all-new dungeon, the Toxic Wasteland. “Rock and Metal” also unleashes the power of the Black Metal Collection, an amped-up arsenal of weapons for the Firestarter, Soundweaver, and Grovewalker classes and an all-new unlockable Elder God form to aid Immortals to save Tera from its cold-blooded invaders!

In this new adventure, players are tasked with navigating the industrial badlands of the Toxic Wasteland, defeating Draconid patrols, and finding a way to underneath the mysterious impenetrable energy dome found in the dark excavation site below. Amidst the scorched earth, toxic swamps, and deadly fumes, players will encounter plenty of hazards and resistance efforts, but intelligence can be gleaned from certain safe zones. Fighting through the dig site will be tough, but it shouldn’t be much of a problem for Aelion’s finest!

To aid in this battle, a new unlockable Elder God form is now available in “Rock and Metal”. The Aspect of Vengeance is a powerful ranged form that can be accessed by any class! This gigantic blue marksman wields mastery over bows and plasma cannons, and can summon divine lightning, volleys, and punishing weapons from the sky. Utilise the Aspect of Vengeance’s supreme deadeye abilities, and let no enemies escape your sights still alive!