Magikarp Jump – Strongest Pokémon ever launches its own mobile game

First revealed in the Japanese media in February, The Pokémon Company today launched its latest casual mobile game, Pokémon: Magikarp Jump. Based on the strongest Pokémon ever, Magikarp, players are tasked to train a Magikarp to take part in jumping contests, somewhat similar to Digimon. Players will have to feed them, decorate their environment for bonuses, and watch them grow.


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However, each Magikarp’s maximum level is tied to the player’s level. Once a Magikarp hits its max level cap and loses a jumping session, it must be retired. Players then proceed to capture a new Magikarp to re-train and grow. Jumping Power (JP) is the definition of strength in the game, and players must do everything to raise the value. There are different kinds of Magikarp to capture too!