Mabinogi Heroes – Nexon reveals 12th character in action MMORPG

This past weekend, Nexon held a media event to reveal the massive summer update for its action MMORPG, Mabinogi Heroes. Other than new storyline and tons of system improvements, the most important content is none other than the reveal of Miri, the 12th playable character in Mabinogi Heroes. Nicknamed “The Last Draker”, Miri wields a massive blade weapon which has yet to be named.


Also arriving by August in the summer update is the secondary weapon type for Lynn, which is in the form of an oriental umbrella. It seems like the weapon will be used for both offensive and defense, though we will only know when August gets nearer. The English server of Mabinogi Heroes, Vindicuts, is still getting regular content updates, although there is an IP block in place.