Revelation Online – Iceborn update goes live with major new content

[Play free now] and NetEase announced that the new update, Iceborn, is now live in Revelation Online. The update introduces a Guild versus Guild tournament, a new battleground, and exciting new trials for adventurers to test themselves. Situated at the top of the world, the Snowpine Peak Battleground unfolds a new chapter in the faction war between the 2 known races.


Core features introduced in Iceborn include:

Guild Tournament

While wars and invasions have sparked fear and gossip across the land of Nuanor, another type of battle has raised nothing but cheering and fanfare. Thanks to the undying spirit of competition, martial enthusiasts from all corners of Nuanor have thrown down the gauntlet and organized a full-scale Guild versus Guild tournament, challenging any and all who wish to prove themselves in group combat. If players have an axe to grind with a rival guild or its members, they now have the perfect opportunity to bury it… In their face.

Snowpine Peak Battle

Players level 40 and above can ready themselves to battle alongside the Ursids or Wingars atop Snowpine Peak in a full-scale faction war. Sharpen the blades and prepare to take an active role in their bitter rivalry for personal rewards. Though, players are advised to keep an eye on other threats than this faction war. Rumours of a far direr threat have emerged – one that is not entirely of this world.

Inner Demon Trials

Reports indicate that there have been multiple sightings of strange portals that even Nuanor’s best and brightest can’t fully explain, though there are no doubts as to what exactly stepped through them – demons. The Inner Demon Trials pit groups of 3 to 5 players against 6 inner demons have their own special dungeon to be cleared and conquered, as well as their own special boss.