Dragonica Mobile – Korean server reviving with new Fairy Tail content

With the Korean server initially closed several around a year ago, it was thought that Dragonica Mobile would be permanently dead. However, under new management at a Korean company known as D’s ARK, the action mobile RPG is reviving under the name Dragonica Mobile: Fairy Tail Edition. That’s right, D’s ARK has managed to obtain an official license to use Fairy Tail characters in the game!


I am not really sure if Natsu and gang are actually playable or just costumes (which is more likely) for player characters, but it is pretty awesome to see the Fairy Tail guild dishing out their attacks on the poor monsters. Pre-registration is now ongoing in Korean for Dragonica Mobile: Fairy Tail Edition, and registrants stand a chance to win a PlayStation 4 Pro. No word currently on a global launch.