King’s Raid – Quick look at starting gameplay of new mobile RPG

King’ Raid is a new mobile RPG which recently launched worldwide, developed by relatively unknown Korean developer Vespa and published by the similarly mysterious company, Glohow. Most gamers would be familiar to the mobile RPG template by now, which is to form a team of characters while occasionally pressing buttons and watch flashy skills streak across your screen during battles.


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Curiously, the game sells heroes for cash currency with the most expensive around USD 50.00, though it was mentioned heroes can be obtained for free by collecting fragments as well. While King’s Raid touted its many features, I was still stuck in the story campaign after almost 2 hours of gameplay! This is pretty odd as I usually would have tried out PVP or other special modes by now in mobile games.

The story is integrated into the overall experience, one thing which I really liked about King’s Raid. The skill animations are not overly flashy, but the combat got boring really soon with no real tactics required. As previously mentioned, I have yet the opportunity to try out many of the game modes in King’s Raid. I can only advise interested gamers to try out King’s Raid and experience it yourself!