Gunpie Adventure – Mobile shooter RPG launches in selected countries

An ancient power is unleashed bringing chaos into the world as Nexon Korea reveals an immersive first-person shooter (FPS) with role-playing game (RPG) elements in Gunpie Adventure. The game is available in limited release for iOS and Android devices in Australia, Canada, Finland, Indonesia, Macau (iOS only), and Singapore. A global launch will take place later this year on both platforms.


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Gunpie Adventure combines modern FPS experience with RPG elements in a fast-paced action adventure game. When the Sirius Foundation awakens a power that releases ancient monsters, players must restore peace to the world. Excavation sites feature artifacts with energy which improves combat power, increase weapons arsenal, and provide access to a wide selection of realistic vehicles.

Gunpie Adventure features:

– Arcade-like FPS experience: Intuitive controller designed for easy, drag and aim FPS gameplay with seamless reloading and swapping functions

– Fun-filled and competitive game modes: Play solo in various game modes such as the Challenge mode, where players will search for hidden items by shooting flying boxes;

– Immersive story: Players will become invested in an immersive storyline featuring real voice actors and 3D dialogue animation;

– RPG-like growth system: Character recruiting and growth evolve with the collection of DNA and artifacts to enhance abilities, firearms and vehicles;

– Variety of modes: Players will master core exploration within the main story, join excavation groups in stages with varying levels of difficulty that change daily, and chase treasure through fierce battles;

– Intense player versus player (PvP): Battle modes let fans compete around the world with leaderboards that are updated in real-time.