Dragon Nest Mobile – Quick look at Tencent’s new mobile action RPG

The story about Dragon Nest’s current situation in the industry is a very peculiar one. Korean developer Eyedentity Games was bought over by a rich but clueless Chinese games company Shanda Games, experimented with the IP like a toy, and in the end had to let rival Tencent Games publish this latest mobile version, Dragon Nest Mobile, in China. Which is quite a good game I must say.


I am not sure if an internal studio at Shanda or did Eyedentity Games developed this mobile version (there are several other Dragon Nest mobile games which did not launch successfully), but the team did a great job of trying to fit all the features from the PC version into the small mobile devices. The UI might suffer from a lack of space, but this is how the UI for Chinese games usually is.


Starting with the original classes, players can expect class advancements at level 15 and 45, each with their unique skills and abilities. The story of Dragon Nest Mobile is similar to that of the PC version, with no difference I could think of. Co-op raid, dungeon PVE, PVP, guild raid, guild PVP, mounts, pets, trading, and many more features are all available in the launch version. I am impressed!

dragon-nest-mobile-chapter-3-map dragon-nest-mobile-party-screen

Though a good mobile action RPG on the surface, there are still many Pay-2-Win options, but I guess it doesn’t really matter to the Dragon Nest fans. The first Nest opens up at around level 40, and as you can see I am just a newbie starting out in my first day in the video above. There are plans to update the game with more classes and dungeons, but I wonder who will publish the English version.

dragon-nest-mobile-cerebus-screenshot-1 dragon-nest-mobile-cerebus-screenshot-2