Torchlight Mobile – First look at new mobile game from Perfect World

If you did not already know, Perfect World is the primary investor in Runic Games, developer of the Torchlight series. Years ago, Torchlight Mobile was first announced, and it was only until recently that the game entered its final beta in China. Torchlight Mobile is apparently not fully developed by Runic Games, with most of the work done by an internal studio in Perfect World China.


There are 3 playable classes right now: Ember Warrior, Engineer, and Kitsune, with a “Clockwork” Assassin yet to be revealed. I am pretty sure the mage-type Kitsune is the idea of Perfect World, with every game in China somehow requiring a cute little animal race. I chose to play with the “classic ” Engineer, able to wield either the steampunk hammer or rifle/cannon.

Players can expect many familiar MMORPG features in the game, including dungeon runs, secret areas, fishing, fabulous loot, and more. There were 3 features which interested me. The skill system works on a basis of pairing a main skill with other skills for different combat effects. For example, Skill A (main) and Skill B gives effect A, while Skill B (main) and Skill A gives effect B.

This same system works for the pet system. Pairing 2 different pets will create new skills, depending on which is the main and which is the sub. Finally, players are able to purchase or loot different kinds of maps to create their own dungeon, asking another player along as well. This feature is known as mapworks in the PC versions of Torchlight, something fans should be familiar with.