MapleStory 2 – “Restart” update hopes to attract old and new players

According to historic records, not many online games’ sequels perform better than the original. This is the same fate for MapleStory 2, which continues to struggle in the shadow of the mega-popular MapleStory. If you did not know, MapleStory continues to be Nexon’s main profit generator for the past decade. Earlier today, as part of the annual Winter 2016 update, Nexon pushed a game update known as “Restart” for MapleStory 2. Yes, even the patch name makes the situation sounds so much more dire. So what is “Restart” about?

According to the development team at Nexon, the “Restart” patch has the aim of attracting back former MapleStory 2 players and getting in new players through a re-organization of game content partially based on community feedback. Dungeons are easier, requirements to access certain features are lowered (housing, mining, farming, etc), and Nexon will be giving out bonus items for all who play during the promotional period after the update.