MapleStory 2 – “Restart” update hopes to attract old and new players

As most of you gamers would have known, not many online games sequel perform better than the original. This is the same for MapleStory 2, which continues to struggle in the shadow of its prequel. Earlier today, as part of the annual Winter 2016 update, Nexon pushed a patch known  as “Restart” for MapleStory 2. Yes, even the patch name makes the situation sound so much more dire.

According to Nexon, the “Restart” patch has the aim of attracting back the former players and getting new players through a re-organization of the game content partially based on community feedback. Dungeons are made easier, requirements to access certain features are lowered (housing, mining, farming, etc), and Nexon will be giving out bonus items for all who play during the update.



  1. Maybe if the sequel was made available everywhere outside of Korea, like the original is, it would make bigger numbers, but that is just a hunch.

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