ArcheAge – Unknown China studio obtains IP rights for mobile MMORPG

It seems common these days Korean developers are renting out their popular game IPs to Chinese studios for a fee and subsequent royalties. ArcheAge is the latest to join the fold with XLGAMES signing a contract with ZLONGAME, allowing the latter to develop and publish a mobile game based on ArcheAge in China. According to ZLONGAME, the title will be a mobile MMORPG.


The other mobile game based on ArcheAge, ArcheAge Begins, is developed by XLGAMES and will be published in the future by Gamevil, although it seems launch has been delayed. Back to ZLONGAME, I have never heard of this studio before, and it has only 2 martial arts mobile games in China, though somehow winning several “industry awards” despite not shaking the charts.