Pokémon Ko-Master – Japanese AI studio working on new mobile game

With everyone anticipating the arrival of Pokémon GO and Pokémon Sun and Moon, The Pokémon Company today revealed a new mobile game, Pokémon Ko-Master. Developed with Japanese AI company, Heroz, players and their Pokémon team have to “think” together to win matches. According to RocketNews24, the title’s “Ko” is short for jinko chino, which means “artificial intelligence.”


After building a deck and determining the overall strategy, the Pokémon will be controlled by the game’s AI. They won’t always have machine-like precision, though. Sometimes they’ll need the player to bail them out, while at others they’ll cover for the player’s mistakes. The aim, Heroz say, is to create the feeling of fighting together with Pokémon. The game is definitely not for kids (and some adults)!

Pokemon Ko-Master image