Gravity – Ragnarok developer opens Taiwan office and targets Asia Pacific

Korean developer Gravity, a subsidiary of Japan’s GungHo Online Entertainment, recently announced the opening of its Taiwan office. The team will not only aim at the domestic market, but apparently the Southeast Asia gamers as well (with or without partners). The first few games which Gravity Taiwan will launch includes the revival of Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Online Web, and Wonder Flick R.

Ragnarok Online

Without introduction, gamers should at least heard of Ragnarok Online. Gravity Taiwan will now be self-publishing the game, and players can expect the latest updates straight from the development team. There is some serious catching up to do, as both the Korean and Japan servers should be miles ahead right now in terms of content.

Ragnarok Online Web

Developed in China, Ragnarok Online Web will be launching in Taiwan. The last I heard, the game did not do very well in China and was abruptly closed. The client version just died as well. Perhaps this web version will do much better in Taiwan?

Wonder Flick R

Developed in Japan by Level-5 (of Yokai Watch fame), Wonder Flick was supposed to launch on all consoles (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, and PlayStation 3) and mobile platforms simultaneously before the project was canceled. The revamped mobile version, Wonder Flick R, lasted for months before meeting its doom last year. Will the revival in Taiwan work this time?

Other titles

Gravity Taiwan mentioned they have 2 more mobile games in the pipeline, both based on the Ragnarok IP. One will be a collectible card-based game, while the other is a full mobile MMORPG. The MMORPG version is likely the one developed by its China partner announced last year.

Gravity Taiwan press conference models