Ragnarok Online – China server is shutting down next week

After 13 years in China and being published by 3 different publishers, the latest incarnation of Ragnarok Online will shut down in China on 19 February. Publisher Kalends took over publishing duties from Shanda back in 2013, with the son of China’s richest man, Wang Sicong (also founder of Invictus Gaming) pledging to start an elite guild. It seems the initial passion has died down.

Ragnarok Online - China server closure notice

Ragnarok Online first entered China in 2003 under Softworld Beijing, before transfering to Shanda Games in 2005, and finally Kalends (Kunlun Games) in 2013. Developer Gravity tried to revive Ragnarok Online recently with the new Doram race, but it seems the cuteness factor did not work miracles. The game is still popular in Japan, and perhaps the global English server will last as well.

Ragnarok Online China poster


  1. Actually game is not doing well on english servers too!… population droped alot and updates and bugfixs are freaking slow…game wont last much longer….

  2. Is old, but is that the reason? May be all moves to ToS… I always remind the community of this game, one of the best, really good people and have nothing to do with rat-visa-kids from games like Archeage or Black desert.

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