Paladins – Major game changes and updates arrive in Closed Beta 14

Back in November last year, I started out playing the initial Closed Beta version of Paladins. Developed by Hi-Rez Studios of SMITE fame, Paladins was supposedly a shooter MOBA where every champion has a normal ranged attack. In the latest version (Closed Beta 14), however, a new melee-focused champion has entered, along with several major UI changes and balancing updates.


I gave the new version a quick spin on my favourite 2 champions, and I must say Paladins is getting more “hardcore”, possibly good for future eSports plans, but possibly a steep curve up for casual players. Gameplay is still fast and furious, certainly faster than games such as League of Legends, and perhaps even Overwatch. Interested gamers can purchase a Founder’s Pack to try Paladins now.