Paladins – Gameplay videos for all current Closed Beta champions

[Register account] Developed by Hi-Rez Studios of SMITE fame, Paladins is a new team-based shooter which recently entered the Limited Closed Beta phase. I obtained a Closed Beta key, and decided to give it a try. I was skeptical about the game since Overwatch seems “better” (I have already pre-ordered the game) as it is by Blizzard, but nevertheless I found myself surprisingly enjoying Paladins.


To enter Closed Beta, players would have to register and hope to get one key randomly, or simply purchase the Founder’s Pack. All champions in Paladins are ranged, though their basic skills and status are modified by cards. Players will have to form a card deck, and choose from 3 drawn when they reach certain levels in the game. This system is really simple, and took me a match to understand.


Do note that Paladins is still in Closed Beta, and various elements might change, with card effects and champions due for a long road ahead for balancing. For now, all champions seem easy enough to understand and play, with a few standouts for me. The 3 basic skills cannot be changed, and are enhanced through cards you draw. The 3rd skill seems to be a movement one for all champions.


The cash shop will mainly focus on card packs from what I see, along with changing in-game name. I am sure mounts will be added in the future as well, though there are currently no hints of champion skins. If you are out of games right now to play, I would say USD 19.99 is good value for some fun in Paladins. The casual PVP mode is up as well, so players will not have to just kill AI characters.