World of Tanks – Update 9.12 rolling out worldwide with new content

[Play now] Update 9.12 for World of Tanks has gone live in North America and Europe, with Asia to follow on November 19. This new update features a new game mode, adds an exclusive map, reworked, high definition vehicles and the first ever PvE tutorial on PC. This all-new mode adds fresh mechanics such as respawns, Garage Battles, tank repair stations and a Capture the Flag variant.

World of Tanks - Berlin map screenshot 1

Update 9.12 also brings new “Artillery” and “Airstrike” abilities, capable of inflicting major damage on the battlefield. The new Berlin map is also available, as well as a special season of Personal Battle Missions. Doing well in these missions will earn commanders the impressive Tier 10 T-22 sr. and offers achievement hunters the chance to obtain unique medals for proving their prowess in battle.

World of Tanks - Berlin map screenshot 2

World of Tanks continues to be enhanced with 28 high definition vehicles and an improved tank customization interface, allowing players to buy and set camouflage, inscriptions and emblems. For the British tank line, the mighty Centurion Action X is replacing the Tier 10 FV4202 medium tank. Finally, a PVE tutorial arrives giving new tankers the chance to hone their skills before PVP.

World of Tanks - Centurion Action X