Skyforge – New content update War’s Onset arriving early next month

[Play now] Developers Allods Team, Obsidian and publisher have announced the next major update for Skyforge, titled War’s Onset, will introduce a massive amount of PvP content when it arrives on 2 December. The update includes Pantheon Wars, which pit Pantheon guilds against one another, the first Pantheon War Tournament, featuring real-world prizes, class balancing and more.


War’s Onset will add plenty of content for gods craving war, including:

Pantheon Wars – Up to 100 warriors from a Pantheon, a guild of aligned immortals, can join the fray against another Pantheon to test each other’s abilities for powerful rewards during battles consist of a variety of PvE and PvP challenges.

Pantheon War Tournament – A tournament where Pantheons will compete that will reward magnificent real-world prizes to the victors

Class Balancing – Balancing to classes, including the Archer, Kinetic and Gunner to improve their combat efficiency and more.

Skyforge - War’s Onset artwork