Realm Royale – Alpha version of medieval battle royale now playable on Steam

[Steam page] Hi-Rez Studios was never an innovator when it comes to games, but titles such as SMITE (MOBA) and Paladins (hero shooter) have maintained a sizable community since launch. It is now ready to jump into the battle royale genre with Realm Royale, now available to play for free on Steam in its Alpha version (or Steam Early Access). Players can squad up in teams of four to try to take out all the opposing teams and claim victory.

Hi-Rez is trying to differentiate itself with its medieval aesthetic as well as a few new features. Players can choose different character classes, each of which has its own abilities. The Assassin can scout with drones and the Warrior can boost allies with shield potions. The map also features several Forges, which players can use to craft legendary weapons and are designed as skirmish points. Will Hi-Rez find success amidst heavy competition?