Armored Warfare – Massive PVP Highwall map arriving later this month

[Play now] Developer Obsidian and publisher today announced new information on update 0.14 coming this month. Highwall is the newest map available for tank commanders to square off on in PvP. This new map will allow for players to take strategic positions to destroy enemy vehicles from above, before swooping down winding paths to assault the pits and achieve team victory!


Highwall spans a massive 1200 x 1200 meters and takes place within an industrial strip mine. Machinery and heavy equipment are precariously perched at the edge of open quarries in order to harvest rich gold veins, manganese, and uranium ore deposits. The routes often have diverging paths, opening up chances for players to flank their enemies and overrun a route from several directions.

Armored Warfare - Highwall screenshot 1 Armored Warfare - Highwall screenshot 2