Hellgate: London FPS – Horror shooter silently revives on mobile

Many years ago, a group of Blizzard veterans left and started Flagship Studios. The first project, Hellgate: London, was supposed to be the “Diablo” of online shooters. Sadly, due to inteference from publishers, the game was rushed out full of bugs and failed epicly. Korean studio Hanbitsoft bought the naming rights to Hellgate, failed to make it big, and here we are in 2016 with the mobile version.


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Hellgate: London FPS launched last week, but apparently there weren’t any press releases. Published by Hanbitsoft, the company seems really muted about the game, given there are only less than 30 “likes” on its Facebook page at the time of writing. I have no idea how Hanbitsoft is planning to screw Hellgate: London FPS, but for old time’s sake, I recommend all to give this horror shooter a try.

Hellgate London FPS image 1 Hellgate London FPS image 2 Hellgate London FPS image 3