Figureheads – New mecha brawler enters Pre-Open Beta in Japan today

While Square Enix recently uncremoniously announced the closure of Gunslinger Stratos: Reloaded in Japan, the developer had a new game prepared to once again push for a spot in the competitive PC games scene. Introduced before in my previous posts, Figureheads is a new mecha PVP title entering Pre-Open Beta in Japan later today, with Open Beta phase scheduled for March.


The robots here are known as 2Foot, which are manufactured by corporations (currently just 2) and taking part in a PVP tournament. Representing the corporations, players can choose avatars, or Figureheads, to pilot 2Foot. These Figureheads are the anime girls seen in the trailers below. A weird mixture with the mechas, but I guess Square Enix has done research to justify this design.


Figureheads support 5 vs 5 gameplay, hence there will be a total of forty 2Foots during each match. The game concept sounds simple enough, but I guess the tough part comes during battles where micromanaging the three other units efficiently wins the battle. According to the details, there are currently two winning conditions – eliminating the whole enemy team, or capturing their base.

Figureheads screenshot 1 Figureheads screenshot 2 Figureheads screenshot 3

There are three types of 2Foots, each with two classes: Lightweight (Sniper, Engineer), Middleweight (Assault, Support), and Heavyweight (Striker, Heavy Assault). Heavyweight has the heaviest armor, highest damage, and lowest speed, while Lightweight has average damage, fastest speed and weakest armor. In a cross-promo start to Figureheads, machines from Xenogears will be available under Salio!