Asker – Dungeon action MMORPG shutting down after just 6 months

Once heralded as the only competition capable of fighting with Nexon’s Mabinogi Heroes, developer and publisher Neowiz today announced the closure of Asker: The Light Swallowers on 22 March 2016. Asker only entered Open Beta last August, with an anime trailer to boot as well. I never did have high hopes for the game, since Asker is really just cloning Mabinogi Heroes for the most parts.

Asker closure announcement

First announced in 2014, Asker will be one of Neowiz’s final large-scale project, as the company had mentioned it would cease forming giant teams to make expensive PC online games, with Bless being the last. Asker, formerly known as Project Black Sheep during its development phase, was signed to China under publisher ChangYou. I guess the deal is now officially off the table between the 2 giants.