Metro Conflict – OGPlanet strikes again with unwanted online shooter

Over the past few months, North American publisher OGPlanet has scored a couple of own goals by launching games no longer in development in Asia, including Gun Dog and Dizzel. Now, it is back again with Metro Conflict. Developed by Red Duck, the studio behind Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA), Metro Conflict currently has no running server in the world, including its native South Korea.

Metro Conflict NA

China server – After a few beta phases under Tencent Games, with the last ending in June 2014, there have been no new updates for Metro Conflict. In fact, Tencent Games have removed Metro Conflict from its list of games from its homepage, although the game website is still around. With Tencent Games investing tons into competitive games, it seems Metro Conflict does not make the grade.

South Korea server – Similarly, after a few beta phases under Hangame (NHN), there have been no new updates for Metro Conflict except for an image seen below, “Coming in 2015”. It certainly does not help that industry veterans recently highlighted Hangame’s plans to stop publishing PC client games, including those which have yet to launch. Why is OGPlanet digging its own grave?

Metro Conflict Korea