Dizzel – OGPlanet gives shady reason for sudden game closure

[Game website] Dizzel is an online shooter which used to be hyped in South Korea, but the game closed down before gaining any traction. With online shooters still a big money earning genre in the country, one has to wonder how incompetent developer NS Studio is, even with Neowiz as the publisher. With all the warnings, OGPlanet somehow still decided to launch Dizzel in North America.

Dizzel closure announcement

After just 6 months, OGPlanet has announced the game closing due to “the closure of the developer’s studio”. NS Studio has yet to close, and Dizzel was no longer in development for a few years now. In fact, NS Studio’s second game, Black Squad, is one of the top online shooters in South Korea right now, getting an update less than a week ago. OGPlanet doesn’t seem to know what it is doing these days.