Diablo III – Game might go Free-to-Play for upcoming China server

Following the previous news that Diablo III will begin testing in China soon after the Chinese Lunar New Year, new information was found by fans through data mining the back-end game files. According to the data mined details, there will be a new currency known as “Platinum”, timed experience boosts, new cosmetic items, and even expansion for stash and character slots.

Diablo III Free-to-Play hint

As you can see above, the representative from Blizzard mentioned the “changes” will not happen on the European server, while subsequently it was announced the changes will not appear in the current American and Asia servers as well. This can only point to the standalone China server, which will be published by Blizzard’s long-time ally, NetEase. Can’t wait for the official announcement.

Diablo III China teaser