Metro Conflict – Publisher OGPLANET shutting down online shooter today

When OGPLANET announced Metro Conflict, the only thing which came into my mind was “How far is this fraudulent publisher going to milk out of the players?” You see, Metro Conflict did not take off in South Korea, and even Tencent Games did not bother to launch the game after a few months of testings. The point is, there was never going to be real content updates from developer Red Duck.

Metro Conflict closure announcement

Announced earlier this month, Metro Conflict is shutting down on 25 April (US time), less than a year after entering Open Beta. While there were sporadic small updates over the few months, most of them are really content already available in the earlier Asian versions. According to the closure notice, Red Duck plans to re-launch Metro Conflict on Steam in the future. Good luck, the y need tons.