Alliance of Valiant Arms – Popular online FPS finds a new owner

Previously, we talked about the financial distress South Korean developer Red Duck was in due to mismanaged projects. The studio’s most prized asset was Alliance of Valiant Arms, otherwise known as A.V.A, an online shooter which is popular in many countries worldwide. Today, it was announced that Neowiz, the former publisher of A.V.A in South Korea, has obtained the game’s IP rights through Red Duck’s bankruptcy auction. Red Duck was officially declared bankrupt as of 19 July 2019. Neowiz intends to improve the current version of A.V.A and add new content, including a global relaunch in the future. Stay tuned!

Note: En Masse Entertainment, publisher of TERA, was the last company operating the western version of Alliance of Valiant Arms. The game has since closed down.