Alliance of Valiant Arms: Dog Tag – Developer Red Duck begins Closed Beta for reboot version of online FPS

[Game website] While Korean developer Red Duck is currently embroiled in financial difficulties, it has not stopped them from preparing to re-launch its popular online FPS in North America and Europe. Now titled Alliance of Valiant Arms: Dog Tag, Red Duck has taken full control, enjoying a refreshing new freedom of choice in creative decisions and working with the community directly. Besides a detailed roadmap, Red Duck has published a list of changes that have already been made based on feedback from the Alpha phase.

Players can currently team up and fight in either Annihilation mode or Demolition mode against an opposing team and more game modes are in the works for release over the coming months. While Annihilation mode features a classic Team Deathmatch experience, Demolition mode pits two factions, one representing the EU and the other the NRF, against one another. In old-school FPS style, the NRF team must plant a strategic bomb and the EU team has to do their best to defuse it, or better yet, prevent it from being activated at all.

To go all out on a tactical perspective, players can choose from three classes. The Point Man is the best choice for players storming the battlefront as this class specializes in close quarters combat using SMGs and shotguns. Keeping their distance, Snipers can hide in the many cozy corners of the map, scouting and eliminating potential threats from afar.

For beginners or those players who value variety in their playstyle, the Rifleman is the best choice. This class depends on each player’s choice of weapon, a factor that can mean life or death on the battlefield. The A.V.A Dog Tag CBT will run until September 18. and Red Duck has set up a Discord channel for the community to connect and discuss their experiences.